Boards & Committees

Parish Council

The general function of the Parish Council is to advise the Pastor in those pastoral matters presented to it by the Pastor. It carries out its function by:

  • Informing the Pastor of the needs and concerns, gifts and resources of the whole parish and its members;
  • Developing and reviewing a parish mission statement and periodically re-evaluating and revising it;
  • Developing a parish pastoral plan;
  • Participating in ongoing pastoral planning;
  • Recommending policies, procedures and programs which would assist in the implementation of the mission statement and the parish pastoral plan;
  • Reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of existing programs;
  • Reflecting on Diocesan pastoral priorities and recommending how they can be implemented in the parish.

The current members of the Saint James Parish council are:

  • Joe Pacinelli – President
  • Bonnie Astemborski
  • Larry Brown
  • Paul Causgrove
  • Mary Jane Clark
  • Mary Fromknecht
  • Lisa Norton
  • Jane Olowin
  • Bill Sinclair
  • Mary Ann Straneva
  • Janet Szewczykowski
  • Nancy Veshecco

Parish Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee is a group of parishioners appointed by the pastor to carry out the following duties for our parish:

  • assist in the preparation of the annual budget;
  • assist in monitoring financial reports and the annual budget on an ongoing (at least quarterly) basis;
  • assist the pastor in assuring that the financial statements are presented to the parish community (at least annually);
  • assist in the implementation of acceptable internal control practices including reviewing and implementing diocesan policies;
  • assist the pastor in evaluating the impact on parish finances and administration of leasing parish properties to an outside organization.

The current members of the Saint James Finance Committee are:

  • Bill Sinclair
  • Joe Pacinelli
  • Mary Fromknecht
  • Dorothy Snider
  • Duane Bednar
  • Matthew Malinowski

School Board

The Saint James School Advisory Committee is a group of eleven parents whose goal is to assist the Pastor and Principal in matters of school policy. St. James School is part of the Erie Catholic School System. 

Members of the Advisory Committee are the Pastor (ex officio), the Principal, and eleven elected representatives. The current representatives are:

  • Aaron Chase – President
  • Robert Adamczyk – Vice President
  • Jessica Margosian – Secretary
  • Mrs. lisa Norton. – School Principal
  • Fr. James McCormick – Pastor
  • Patrick Crotty
  • Jennifer McHenry
  • Adam Ladaika
  • Patti Bruni
  • Maria Dinner

Athletic Association

The Saint James Athletic Association is a group of eleven parents whose goal is to provide leadership in the sports program. This includes the election of coaches, fund raising, budgeting, and direction of expenditure.

Members of the Athletic Association are the Pastor (ex officio), the Principal, and eleven elected representatives. The current representatives are:

  • Carl Adamczyk – President
  • Nancy Veshecco – Athletic Director
  • Breanna Miller – Secretary
  • Adam Laidaika – School Board Representative
  • Tom Blais
  • Natalie Meyer
  • Jamie Scutella
  • Jim Zank
  • Tom Sigler
  • Sandy Sweet
  • Sandy Benes

Advancement Committee

The Saint James Advancement Committee was formed to ensure that Saint James School continues to prosper for many years to come. Several workshops have been held in the Erie Diocese with the goal to successfully move Catholic Elementary and Secondary School into the future.

The first project of the Advancement Committee was to establish the Saint James School Fund. We are thankful to the many individuals and families that supported this fund to date. This fund will be used for:

  • Day-to-day operation of the school
  • Updated curriculum
  • Technology upgrades
  • Library enrichment
  • Classroom enhancements

The committee will continue to work on projects that will ensure the spiritual and academic growth of the current and future students of Saint James School.

The members of the Saint James School Advancement Committee are:

  • Father James McCormick
  • Mrs. Norton
  • Brigette Kucharski – Chairperson
  • Mary Beth Brady
  • Kathleen Kinzig
  • Melody Bokshan
  • Natalie Rose
  • Larry Taylor