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Mission Statement

St. James School is an integral part of the St. James Parish and community, serving elementary education grades K-8 since 1957. We create an atmosphere for learning based upon respect, discipline, and order. The goal of a St. James education is to prepare our youth to assume the duties of a knowledgeable Christian member of his/her family, school, and community.

Newsletter: December 12

Day of Rest

“He blessed the seventh day and set it apart as a special day.” (Genesis 2:3) How special is your Sunday? Sunday should be a family day, a day that begins with the entire family worshiping together at Sunday Mass and includes activities fostering family love and sharing. Too often we have let Sunday be a catch-up day, on which we hurry to complete tasks left undone during the week. We’ve lost the concept of rest and renewal of spirit. Monday morning finds us tired from the hectic pace of the weekend and far from ready to face the week ahead. Plan ahead to make Sunday special. Family games, telling stories, or reading aloud can be special on Sunday. Whatever you choose to do, the way you spend the day will make memories for your children.

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